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AutoCad Design Drawings

We are experienced in producing good quality, clear, informative and professional files. From a basic line plan for fire safety and exit points through to full detailed plans.  We are very knowledgeable of all workspace components and can design and specify:  Roof and Plant equipment plans, Reflected ceiling plans, Partitioning layouts, Kitchen and washroom facilities, Floorcovering schedules, Elevations, Car parks and Drainage run reports. We are passionate about providing every shred of information possible at the design drawing stage to negate any ambiguity when the tender stage is in progress – this ensures complete understanding from a contractor’s perspective and correct pricing submission.

Project outline and scope

To liaise with the key stakeholders in the project from initial close understanding of the brief, to collating information from departmental managers through to interviewing individual staff to highlight any potential unworkable aspects.  Examples are; IT disruption, works management in a live office, out of hours working and security, sensitive/confidential environments, etc.

Initial Site Suitability and Assessment

The most crucial first question; whether the proposed new workspace is of the right size, has the correct services, enough natural light, HVAC structure, electrical capacity, location and many other criteria.  Is it prohibitive in terms of build cost for the fit out you require? How long will it take to fit out given the site condition?  We can help you answer these questions and also ask you many more you probably haven’t thought of.

Accurate survey and measurement


In our experience, this is a very enjoyable part of the process – actually taking stock of a workspace, either existing or proposed and figuring out how it all goes together and interacts. We take pride in producing millimetre perfect survey measurements to then draw up the core plan ready for the design work to commence.

Mechanical and Electrical Layouts

Also utilising AutoCad, We are able to specify and design; Air Conditioning distribution, Extraction systems, Lighting design plans, control and circuitry, Small power and floorbox arrangements, Data structure, Audio visual needs, Emergency lighting, signage and exit routes to meet Building Control measures.

Furniture and Desking Space Plans

To survey your existing inventory, draw up a list using AutoCad and evaluate how it could be reworked in your current space or how it will fit into a new workspace. Alternatively, to fully space plan a layout of new furniture into a given workspace or design. To rethink and maximise storage methods and criteria.

Finishes Schedules

To assist a client in making the right, cost effective choices in an entirely impartial manner. To ensure value engineering is implemented within the client’s budget. We succeed in thinking how to provide “a Rolls Royce finish for Mini Mayfair money”.  There are many clever ways to get the look you desire without spending over the odds to get it – We can help and advise with this facet, using our many supplier and trade contacts gained over the years.

Supplier Evaluation

We have met and dealt with many different companies and individual trades people.  We have a raft of valuable contacts as well being able to evaluate new ones.  We can review their credentials and qualifications, check case studies, visit manufacturing plants and ask for testimonials or site visits.  Showroom visits and pricing negotiation are also undertaken.

Project/Contract/Site Management

Having spent the last 13 years in the construction industry (and prior to that in the electrical, civil engineering and telecom’s industries) We can undertake an independent role in any/all of these three aspects of running a project if the need should arise. This can be on an hourly metered fee rate, or more usually, on a project percentage figure.  We can assist with cost control, materials procurement, quality control and contract administration. Unlimited phone and email access during your project, site meetings and advice.

Client Focused Project Cost Reports

This is our unique selling point.  Using the design drawings and specification schedule (either our own or another’s) of a proposed project, we can perform a fast track evaluation of what it should cost. This is the true cost before a contractor adds on their margins.  We will carry out a full “nut and bolt” list of every component, building material and trades person it takes to carry out the works.  The crucial point is – complete impartiality.  This enables a true evaluation of submitted tender prices offered by your chosen contractors.

Snagging Reports and Rectification

With a long experience of identifying ongoing quality issues and practical completion/handover snagging lists, we offer a totally neutral method of inspection and reporting to facilitate the swift undertaking of the remedial works required.  This is then not weighted towards a contractor trying to do as little as possible or an end user inexperienced in identifying real issues.  Traditional list making works well enough, but is not wholly reliable, so we use clear marked and notated drawings and the iSnag app for absolute clarity to all parties involved. The ability to talk with contractors and trades people at site level is often best though, before any actual list making is required. 

Retention Period Reports

Once a contractor has handed over the newly finished workspace project, there is usually a 12 month retention period for any defects to become apparent and be rectified before a final payment (normally 2.5% of the contract value) is released.  Again, as with the snagging, a report document with photographs and text needs to be established to identify each issue as either a build defect or simply a maintenance item. This is best done from the impartial consultant slant, which is precisely what we offer.

Health and Safety Advice - Risk Assessments and Method Statements

Following extensive training and exams, we can liaise on all matters pertaining to interiors refurbishment site requirements. This includes the procedure for CDM2015, HSE Notifiable projects, Building Control measures, Site set up and staff welfare, Signage and safety and toolbox talks/meetings.  We can also collate and submit all trades and suppliers RAMS documentation to building managers and landlords.

Dilapidation Reports

Although this is mainly in the remit of a RICS Professional, We can give initial consultation on what you might have to deal with and also, can again provide, in depth, impartial pricing of another parties list or cost estimate. Landlords are often guilty of over pricing an exiting tenants issues arising. We help you negotiate the right deal.

Schedules of Condition

Again, a service of a RICS Professional, especially if negotiating a lease exit etc. But, as the tenant or owner of a workspace or whole building it is essential that a full pictorial and notated report is drawn up prior to any works taking place and then again upon completion. This will save arguments in light of any damage caused by deliveries and trades people.  Common areas are entrances, wall surfaces, corners, staircases, lifts, woodwork, flooring and furniture.  A dated and agreed document, signed by all stakeholders in the works undertaking is very important.

Project Record Keeping

We have always made a healthy habit of keeping diaries of projects and taking progress photo’s before, during and after the works.  We can offer this as a valuable reference source for resolution of grievance issues but also for marketing and PR. We can also witness test and commission tasks, produce as built drawings, collate technical specifications and documents and put together O+M Manuals. We are also able to offer time lapse build CCTV along with staff monitoring on site.  Post project photography with 4k digital camera, video and 360° hardware is also available.

There are many facets to the services we offer. You can choose just one, several or the whole range. They are listed below in a logical process format.

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