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Site Survey – Northampton Industrial Estate.

Commercial Workspace Consultants Ltd were tasked to assist with a full interior and exterior condition survey for a respected chartered surveyor on a very large 4-unit business park. The park was due to have a change ownership and the new landlord needed a condition report. We helped with:

  • Interior survey of office/warehouse space to identify current layout

  • Listing of demountable construction materials

  • Schedule of finishes

  • M+E evaluation

  • Any compliance issues regarding fire escapes, emergency lighting etc

Once the interior spaces were completed, we carried out:

  • A photographic annotated report of any building fabric defects and damage

  • A car park and drainage report

  • An assessment of overgrown shrubs and planting

The final major beneficial aspect was the facilitation of a UAV Drone survey of all four roof surfaces. It enabled all areas of the roof, skylights, services penetrations and defects to be closely scrutinised with the onboard 4K digital camera and recorded. This eliminated the need to hire a MEWP for the day and negated the risk of the chartered surveyor being on the roof itself – the perfect health and safety solution.

A full report document of all observations was written up and submitted alongside a substantial Dropbox file of photographs.

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